A message from festival director, Simon Buckley

It will perhaps come as no surprise that the Not Quite Light Festival, scheduled for 26th- 29th March 2020, will become another event cancelled due to the ongoing situation with regards to the Coronavirus. All tickets will be refunded, and this will happen over the next couple of days.

There has been something of a collapse in terms of public events, and many well-worn phrases, such as ‘the decision has not been taken lightly’, are now becoming all too common as we scroll through our social media timelines. But these decisions are not taken lightly. There can be very challenging, life changing consequences. However, events simply are becoming untenable both from a public health and commercial perspective.

For those of us who are charged with delivering creative art to the public are fully aware of the impact on all those involved when there are cancellations. I’ve been self-employed for all of my life, and so am acutely conscious of the effect that this extraordinary situation has on those who rely for their livelihood on festivals, markets and similar commissions.

Obviously, we are still unaware as to how this pandemic will alter our world. Our current intention is to stage the festival on
Saturday 24th October 2020, the night the clocks go back.

I’m immensely grateful to all of our partners and contributors for being so supportive and understanding, particularly English Cities Fund and New Bailey, Solid Ground, Henshaws, Salford University, Salford City Council, Urban Bubble and Walk The Plank.

It’s hugely appreciated and we’re looking forward to working with them again when this time has passed.

One of the central themes of NQL is ‘transition’, and we are certainly going to experience astonishing change over the coming weeks. And, therefore, we can perhaps use this situation as an opportunity to embrace this new reality. Kindness and love are the bedrock of our society, and so let’s use this time to show as much love and compassion as we can to help each other through the hardships that may befall us.

Creativity is the source of all solutions, and it takes on so many forms. So, let us be creative in exploring new ideas. We will find our daily lives transformed in a way unimaginable just a few weeks ago, and so perhaps there may be time to take stock of our lives and engage with new ways of living and working. This has been a quiet revolution, causing sudden, radical changes in behaviour we were told were not possible. But it’s happened.

In this twilight time of uncertainty let us work together, be the best we can, and hopefully we can emerge in a better place as a society.

Take care, stay safe, be kind.

See you on October the 24th 2020.